What can you expect from the latest RED Hydrogen One phone

What can you expect from the latest RED Hydrogen One phone

Ever wondered what it would be like to hold a phone that sports the holographic technology? Well, here’s your chance to finally live that imagination. RED, a professional cinematic camera company, announced a release of the world’s first holographic smartphone this year. They named their new cell phone device RED Hydrogen One phone. The phone was earlier supposed to be released in August 2018, but now the release date has been pushed much further. It was earlier available for pre-order starting at approximately $1,195. However, if you wish to order the phone now, you can drop an official email to know more about their pre-orders.

RED is getting a lot of attention for entering the smartphone market with a phone that is one of a kind. This 4 view (4V) holographic display phone runs on the Android operating system and comes with a screen size of 5.7 inches. The specifications of this phone are expected to be overshadowed by the holographic display. If you are still inquisitive about the specs, they may include QHD screen, Snapdragon 835 chip, 4500 mAh battery, Type-C USB, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

This phone may attract a lot of people, but the ones that will make the most of it are the videographers and the photographers. Read on to know more about the features of this phone.

Design insights
Those who have already checked out the pictures of this phone will know that it’s not a conventional Android smartphone. Having said that, it’s nothing like most existing smartphones that come with slim, stylish, and glossy bodies. In fact, RED’s Hydrogen One is a phone with rugged, scalloped edges and built. The industrial look of the phone screams that this phone is a tool, not a toy.

The holographic display
There have been dozens of companies that debuted in the smartphone market by introducing cutting-edge phone technologies; however, the RED Hydrogen One has managed to get all the attention by coming up with the first holographic display phone. Though the company has not revealed the display output yet, there have been prototypes made available to some people including a few professional vloggers to give their pre-release reviews. The speculations on visuals from the vloggers and other people claim that the holographic display is highly impressive and makes the phone one of a kind.

The display can be switched between the regular 2D display mode and the holographic display mode, which is the 4V mode. Though the modes can be switched, not everything on the screen would appear as a holograph. Users will need to use the feature that allows them to capture 4V video natively that can be watched in holograph.

RED is creating a content hub where users can view and share 4V content with other Hydrogen One users. This hub is called the hydrogen network.

Advance camera play
What should be the best feature of the phone manufactured by a professional camera company? Yes, it’s the camera. This can be inferred from the limited pictures available of the phone on the Internet. The dual camera assortment on the back side of the phone looks detailed and professional. RED has planned to use the pogo pin connectors of the phone that would allow the users to attach modules that enhance and expand the Hydrogen One’s camera capabilities. In addition to this, users can also attach a lens mount to interchange the lenses that enable the phone to expand the phone into a full-blown video rig.

Coming to the dual camera, it allows the users to shoot 4V content directly on the phone without the use of any additional camera modules. Additionally, the phone comes with two cameras on the front to ensure that the users are able to film in both directions.

If you want to save a 2D version of the videos for sharing them with people outside the hydrogen network, you can do so as the phone saves that version for you. Now, you might be worried about the internal space that might get occupied with two versions of the files. Well, that is taken care of as you can insert a high-capacity microSD card for the same.

8K 3D camera for this unconventional phone
RED is teaming up with Lucid to build an 8K 3D prosumer camera to go with its upcoming Red Hydrogen One Android smartphone. The phone is expected to have synced two 4K cameras that will capture and convert images and videos to 8K 4V (.h4v) files. These captured and converted files can be displayed in 3D on the phone’s holographic display.

If you haven’t heard of Lucid, then you should know that the company is known for its LucidCam consumer camera that allows the users to shoot 180-degree 3D VR photos and videos. This feature of the camera is most likely to be added to the Hydrogen One smartphone.

Lucid claims that their camera module will use the RED’s hardware and camera designs and sport the same look. Along with this, Lucid and RED are working on Lucid’s real-time 3D Fusion technology to use it to stitch the images together into files that are compatible with Red Hydrogen One phone. The phone can then be used as a display for content being captured or recorded by Lucid’s camera.