Top 5 mortgage lenders to meet your financial needs

Top 5 mortgage lenders to meet your financial needs

A mortgage loan is one that is taken to finance a real estate deal or to bring raise funds for imperative financial need. It requires the borrower of the loan to put an owned property as a security to obtain the loan, thus being called a mortgage loan. Undertaking a mortgage loan involves the fact that one is in for a long haul as it is most likely the largest loan that an individual would take in their lifetime. The repayment term for the mortgage loan can last anywhere from 15 years to 30 years and thus, it is essential to venture on the quest of finding the best mortgage lenders.

The plethora of mortgage lenders in the financial sphere can leave one perplexed as to which one is the most value-generating. It is a smart move to shop around before making the final call. Finding the best mortgage lenders involves more than just a good interest rate. Factors such as the reputation of the company and the professional staff will aid in the smooth journey of obtaining a mortgage loan. Here is a curated list of the best mortgage lenders of 2017 and 2018 that one can consider as great prospects.

Quicken Loans
A well-renowned mortgage lending company, Quicken Loans is headquartered in Michigan. The company serves as one of the largest mortgage lenders, and thus, it is no surprise that it makes it to the list of the best mortgage lenders of 2018. Quick Loans is revered for working towards making the mortgage loan process extremely easy for the borrower and this has led to it establishing a firm hold in the financial space. What further contributes to making Quicken Loans one of the best mortgage lenders is the competitive rates that it offers. Stirring away from the tradition loan borrowing process, the lender offers borrowers a simple online application route.

Lenda is a mortgage lending company that is lauded for it streamlined loan-acquiring process. The lender enables easy pre-qualifications and estimates through its well-built interface on the online website. A paperless process makes the loan borrowing journey truly comfortable from the beginning till the end. Anybody with the basic knowledge of the web can make it through the digital system, comfortably. A note to be made, Lenda does not offer customer service exclusively through the website.

Ranking among one of the biggest banks in the world, Chase serves as one of the best mortgage lenders too. The bank offers a mortgage loan through the traditional process of meeting and interacting with the borrower and any of the branches. Chase boasts of a huge customer base that is served through different other services. A mortgage loan acquired through the Chase bank can be effectively managed with the help of the online website and the mobile apps. The customer service offered by the national bank is commendable.

Social Finance or SoFi is a leading mortgage lender that has grown into the different arrays of personal finance. One of the best mortgage lenders, the company begins the lending process with a pre-qualification, while considering the credit score and the earning potential of an individual in the future. In case of clear processing from the end of the lender and the borrower, a SoFi mortgage loan can take up to one month for the completion of the application. A great benefit, the company does not levy and origination fee like the rest of the mortgage loan lenders.

One should dedicate good time to reviewing the best mortgage lenders on the block. Understanding the vital concepts such as the best tenure for the loan, credit scores and mortgage rates will grant translucent insight for better decision-making. After a detailed evaluation, it is essential to pick the most suitable lenders that can fill in the different needs which are of utmost importance to an individual. The arrival at the decision should be followed by locking down the mortgage loan with the best lender and setting on the dream-path to buy the desired home.