Samsung QLED – a dramatic leap in technology

Samsung QLED – a dramatic leap in technology

Samsung has taken a quantum leap when it comes to technology with its newly launched Samsung QLED TV. This TV outperforms even the best OLED TVs launched as it provides a complete visual satisfaction for its viewers with such pure colors and displays that it is hard to believe that you aren’t watching the contents on your screen in real life. It lets the viewer experience a closer feel of on-screen content and a whole new visual effect. This quantum-dot-revolutionized TV brings a better form of display with uniformity and shape that could incredibly and densely display all colors. Along with its bright display, it is extremely slim and will give you the feel of a wall painting hanging right in front of you.

Samsung’s QLED TV brings about a paradigm shift in the world of televisions with its unique features and never-before-experienced visual effects. With its true-to-life picture quality, stunning designing, and mesmerizing picture display, this TV qualifies as an optimum choice compared to OLED TVs sold by its competitors. Also, since the Samsung’s quantum-dot technology is cadmium free, it is undoubtedly safe for you and your family.

Samsung QLED TV is a bezel-less design, i.e., all four sides have incredibly slim bezels that make the TV look exquisite and alluring. It uses quantum dots in front of its LCD panel, which is more affordable than the best OLED TVs while providing better contrast, color, and brightness.

Samsung’s QLED TVs let the viewer experience complete detailing of colors, contrast, and picture quality, regardless of the viewing angle or surrounding darkness level. With its sharp and optimized detailing, you are surely not going to miss even a slight detail of your favorite show, movie, or game. With its picture-perfect viewing, every seat you land on is excellent for viewership.

Samsung QLED TVs optimize their design to create a never-before-seen entertainment space in your home. With its new virtually “No Gap Wall-mount” feature, it lets you position your TV right against your wall for a crystal-clear and striking view, and makes it a perfect alternative to the best OLED TV available in the market. It is also attached to an almost-undetectable fiber-optic cable, making it easier to handle and operate.

Before you opt for a Samsung QLED TV, all you need to do is compare it with an existing OLED TV. Given the discounts for OLED TV on various websites such as Amazon, it is a tough decision to determine whether this newly launched QLED with its features is worth the price.