Piled on the pounds? Low-fat cooking to the rescue!

Piled on the pounds? Low-fat cooking to the rescue!

What you eat is what you become, they say. This very popular adage seems to have caught up in recent times, much like wild fire. Thanks to this philosophy, we can see entire diet plans, stores, and even restaurants that have been set up to cater to the various culinary needs of people. Gaining weight and losing weight have become the keywords in today’s day and age even as many people strive to get just the right balance so as to remain fit. Low-fat cooking is one such niche that has gained a lot of momentum due to this fitness movement of sorts, which has entered the world of food, after a great display that continues at the gym!

So how can you lose weight with the help of low-fat cooking? Low-fat cooking helps you eat well even as you use ingredients that will keep your metabolism in check. Further, with low-fat cooking, you can also remain fit without having to worry about putting on too much of weight. Here are the various ways in which you make low-fat cooking a part of your everyday routine in the kitchen and on the dining table.

Hold the dressing: The salad dressing that we eat can become pretty calorific when we add ingredients like cream and oil. You can bring the dressing down by half and take it on the side so that you can dip your fork in before you take a bite of the salad. This will ensure that you ingest less of the salad dressing and more greens in the bargain. Further, you can also use extra virgin olive oil in your dressing or low-fat cream.

Salt intake: One of the best ways to lose weight with low-fat cooking is to bring down your salt intake. You can lessen the quantity of salt to greatly reduce bloating and other such problems. Yet, you must get in touch with your doctor before you take any call like this as you may have a condition that may get adversely affected if you do not have the right amount of salt. You should not eliminate salt from your diet entirely as it may lead to problems like low blood pressure.

Raw food: The best part about low-fat cooking is that you can eat on the go. You can easily bring together plenty of raw vegetables for a salad and other raw fruit for a smoothie or a fruit basket. This can be topped with spices, dressing, and even some toasted cereal so that you have a delicious meal even as you cut back on the calories.

Lean meat: Lean meat or white meat are the elements that should replace your red meat so that you have a low-fat meal with all the right and succulent ingredients. This will also keep the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol at bay.