How to clean furniture?

How to clean furniture?

Furniture, like all other equipment in your house, needs proper care as well. As you might know, most household furniture items are predominantly made of wood or leather. You obviously don’t want your precious furniture getting severing damaged over the years by wear and tear. But, if you think this is rocket science, fret not. Here are quick tips to clean your furniture like a pro.

Wooden Furniture
As far as the cleaning is concerned there are quite a few types of cleaners available. Waxes and silicone cleaners are best to be avoided. Though the furniture looks sparkling clean, they may start absorbing more dust and smoke than they normally do. Wooden polishes are the best bet. Polishes are made up of mineral oils, emulsifier, and detergents that not only help you clean your furniture better but also let them breathe and last much longer.

Never use water to clean them as it will make it worse, letting the leather soak up all the water and get damaged alarmingly. Instead, use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any stain of dust or mark that may have appeared. A good quality non-detergent soap can also be used.
Slipcovers and arm caps are smart options to save your furniture from any kind of body sweat or oil that could accumulate and stain your furniture.

Here are a few more tips:

To get back the original shine, use lukewarm water with light dish soap, apply on the furniture and gently rub off the accumulated dirt.
Avoid placing your furniture in extreme and harsh weather conditions. Too much or too much cold does can hamper the quality of the furniture item.
To remove the coffee stain from your favorite upholstery, apply baking soda mixed with non-gel toothpaste on the area, and see it vanish like magic.
Move the furniture occasionally. It is always a good idea to move your furniture or rearrange them occasionally, so as to help them breathe and stay intact for many years.
While moving, lift them up; but don’t drag them.
Avoid using any kind of plastic or rubber materials that are generally used as the base for other objects. These may cause a mark or scratch on the surface of the furniture. Instead, use pads of very light and soft clothes can be used as the base.
Dragging objects over the furniture is a big no-no.
Dusting should be done frequently.
Polish your furniture with the help of a professional when needed.

With these tips, you can take care of your furniture better and help them stay fit long! Furniture is meant not only to increase your comfort quotient, but they also enhance your living space’s aesthetics. So, don’t let any dull furniture patches rule your set. Clean them well, and use them for long.