Great wireless phone plans for individuals

Great wireless phone plans for individuals

These days there are many data plan options available to us. All the four primary carriers in the country now provide unlimited data plans. Interestingly, T-Mobile offers only an unlimited data plan. This means that at $70 a month, you can avail the best unlimited plans with T-Mobile.

Yes, it would cost you $10 more than Sprint’s unlimited data plan. In this case you would be paying for the benefits of a quality network. Verizon has also launched a new unlimited data plan. This one is priced at $10 more than the scheme available from T-Mobile. However, T-Mobile allows you to stream video at HD resolution for this additional cost. The basic T-Mobile plan limits video streaming to 480p. However, for an additional $10, they also provide HD streaming.

Large capacity data plans with unlimited options don’t work for everyone. Some of us consume lesser data than others. So it becomes imperative that we resort to the others options of data plans that are available to us. If you are individual looking for a data plan, read on.

Individual wireless phone plans are available as unlimited data plans as well as tiered data plans. An average smartphone user requires not more than 3GB of data every month. If we consider that, T-Mobile is a great option as it gives unlimited data access for the entire month at $70. That is if you really do need unlimited data month on month. The problem with this plan is that it doesn’t allow you to stream HD videos, which has become a trend these days. Watching a 480p video on your smartphone could pose as a problem with this plan. Instead, the unlimited data plan from Verizon is effective because the network is good and more reliable. Although this plan comes at $80 a month, it is good for those who enjoy live streaming. The plan offers HD video streaming along with 10GB of LTE hotspot data. This cost includes the price of Verizon’s monthly access fee. On the other hand, Sprint offers an unlimited plan at $60 for the month. This is $10 cheaper than T-Mobile. Good thing about this plan is that it doesn’t limit the quality of video streaming to 480p. Speed of streaming is limited to 1.5 Mbps and 8 Mbps but it is still worth the price.

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