DIY landscape ideas

DIY landscape ideas

Do you long for a more beautiful backyard space, but lack the funds to hire a landscape designer? Check out these DIY design tips and tricks to improve your outdoor space on a dime. Having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that you can’t have a great garden. There are a number of ways that you can turn your small space into a large garden area with little work and in most cases, with little money out of pocket.

Repurposed furniture garden: This is a great way to give a quirky touch to your garden. You can create a beautiful garden area with some old furniture that you are planning to throw out. Old dressers make great planting bases. You just have to plant in individual pots and then use the drawers to hold them. You end up with a three tiered garden look that is both beautiful and space saving. If you don’t have an old dresser on hand, you can probably pick one up at a yard sale or flea market for just a few dollars and then all you have to do is start planting.

Make a garden fountain: All you need are three giant planter pots that are of different sizes, a water pump and you’re good to go. Arrange the planter pots in order of decreasing size from the bottom and paint them. Add some vibrant colors to give your garden a pop of color. Voila!You have your very own makeshift fountain that transforms your garden into a peaceful retreat with the soothing soundtrack it provides.

Hanging gardens: An indoor hanging garden is the epitome of elegance; the minimalist design is what makes it so appealing. It won’t take all that long to make this and you actually don’t need that many supplies either. Just make sure to pick a spot in your home that gets enough sunlight. One can also use plastic bottles to create vertical herb gardens. Mason jars also make for pretty planters. Without holes for drainage, you have to be careful not to overwater your plants; you could also put some stones in the bottom of the jar so that the water sits there and not in the soil.

Pebble play: Create a checkerboard design using gravel, wood dividers, and low-growing, compact Acaena, and sedum. Pea gravel is useful for walkways, work areas, and social spaces. It also fits easily among plants and shrubs and will stay attractive for a long time. Combine pea gravel with ornamental grasses for a stunning design. Use pebbles of various colors and shapes to build creative patterns into pathway designs.