Choosing the right pair of snow boots for men

Choosing the right pair of snow boots for men

Men who walk and work in snowy climate need to keep their feet warm and dry. It is not a matter of just comfort but survival as well. Snow boots are designed for this exact purpose and are indispensable for anyone who has to trudge around in the heavy snowfall areas.

There is a lot of difference between actual snow boots and basic winter boots. First of all, snow boots are completely waterproof instead of being just water-resistant. Snow boots are also equipped with a high level of insulation compared to basic snow gaiters or winter boots.

Features Of Snow Boots
Most people make the mistake of buying the cheaper winter boots over snow boots. As mentioned earlier, winter boot are not waterproof. No amount of mud or snow or water can penetrate snow boots. This helps in keeping the fest warm and dry with the additional support from the insulated lining of the boots.

Snow gaiters
Snow boots are equipped with snow gaiters. It acts as an additional protective barrier which helps in ensuring that the snow is kept out of the boots. There are snow gaiters with thick insulation sealing the gap between the leg and the top of the boot. You can also find boots with snow gaiters which are pulled up the leg and then closed with a drawstring.

Typically, snow boots are taller than hiking boots or work boots. This is because, these boots are particularly designed for treading through deep snow. This feature works in close conjunction with the snow gaiters so that the snow cannot get into the boots.

In most cases, you will find snow boots for men with rubber soles. But you can also find snow boots made of other varieties of soles. You should consider purchasing snow boots with rubber soles as they can be used in both water and snow and offer maximum grip.

The upper part or the body of the snow boot can be made of leather or waterproof nylon which are extremely durable. Sometimes, the seams are sealed or taped to offer extra coverage from water and snow.

Insulation plays an important role in any snow boot. Some styles are available with woolen insulation. Many others have insulation made from synthetic blends to create a high level of warmth and insulation. Boots that are made from Thinsulate insulation, offer the maximum amount of coverage and are perfect for active people. When buying snow boots, get a boot with a Thinsulate level ranging between 400 and 800.

Keep in mind these aspects when buying your pair of snow boots. The comfort offered by these boots is worth the investment.