5 Features of a Good Smart Tv

5 Features of a Good Smart Tv

A smart TV is loaded with several features such as games, apps and other online content. Although the concept of smart TV is not new, it’s only now that people have begun to realize its abilities. However, irrespective of how smart your TV is, you should be smart enough to explore all its features.

To get the most out of your smart TV, you need to learn some of its important features and get the most out of your TV. Keep reading to know more.

  • Receive smart suggestions
    Most of the latest smart TVs provide recommendations based on integrated programming information technology or user-configured preferences. At times when you are confused what to watch, your smart TV has the feature to recommend you the same. Based on these recommendations, you can search for what is trending within your network or look for something that is popular globally.
  • Access programmes on-demand
    A smart TV enhances your viewing experience with its Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections in such a way that you keep yourself engaged by watching TV in the traditional way. You can also watch your favorite programs via your cable operator or via Netflix (video on demand service). In addition to this, you can also check some of the latest videos on YouTube. Overall, you have a wide range of viewing possibilities on your smart TV.
  • Search for any information you wish to know
    Organize your apps and streamline the content with the help of the improved search functionality of your smart TV. All you need to do is enter a title, time genre or popularity rating into the search tool. Your TV will then search for the channel line-up and stream the apps such as Vudu, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, etc. You can even search for a list of your favorite star’s programmes on your smart TV.
  • Switch to social media networks
    You can also a whole new experience via your smart TV while surfing through the social media networks instead of your usual smartphone or tablet. A smart TV allows you to post, share and like updates from your family and friends, right from the comfort of your living room home theatre.
  • No need for a remote control
    With advanced technology, a smart TV does not need a remote control anymore. Most smart TVs today allow you to use your tablet or smartphone to sync with iOs and Android apps and use it as a remote. Smart TVs are also equipped with DLNA or Bluetooth which allows you to use the functionality of your mobile apps to share music, movies, and photos. In some cases, you can even directly mirror your mobile device’s screen to your smart TV.

After having understood the features that you need to explore for your smart TV, you may now want to know which TV you can buy. Here’s a list of brands that manufacture incredible smart TVs.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Phillips
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • Vizio
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sanyo
  • Hisense
  • RCA
  • Hitachi
  • JVC
  • Hyundai
  • TCL
  • Alba
  • Insignia
  • Logik

To conclude, it can be said that a smart TV works on the principles similar to that of your smartphone. On connecting to your router, a smart TV gives you access to a plethora of apps. Even though the content may vary from different models and brands. Most TVs allow you to access social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other web browsers. A few brands also provide motion control and face recognition along with voice. However, it is recommended that you visit your nearest electronic store and speak to the expert there. You can also easily buy a smart TV online. Do read the instructions carefully before you purchase a smart TV.