4 credit card processing services tailormade for small businesses

4 credit card processing services tailormade for small businesses

Credit card processing appears to be an easy process, wherein a card is swiped on the machine and an immediate deduction reflects on the buyer’s account. However, there are several more parties involved in this transaction apart from the consumer, the seller, and the bank. There are also credit card processing services that enable the transaction to take place. The payment of funds is a wireless transaction that is conducted between a consumer, the merchant (seller) who processes the transaction, and a catalyst (processing services) that brings about the transaction.

The transaction occurs when card details flow through the vendor’s processing company and through the credit card networks which connect to the cardholder’s bank. The payment is then processed depending upon the bank’s approval or denial.

Top credit card processing services
Below are our recommendations for the best credit card processing services that are transparent, have fair pricing, and provide excellent solutions.

PayPal does not charge any extra or surprise fees such as installation, compliance, and monthly maintenance. The charges made to you wholly depend on the number of transactions that take place through PayPal.

While PayPal charges less for transactions that process through the platform, various added features are locked and can only be utilized when the specified fees to acquire the feature is paid.

Helcim has charted out the exact cost and pricing of their services on their website. Training guidelines are also available for newcomers. They also accept all credit cards that are extensively used. Helcim also provides excellent customer service.

Helcim is not recommended for small-time vendors who have small transactions and low revenue.

Square follows a flat-fee system, which is ideal for small vendors thanks to its affordability. The pricing structure is very transparent and available on their website.

The gateway may be affordable as it follows a standardized pricing system for all its customers. However, it may be expensive for big businesses. There have been complaints of accounts being shut down or frozen over dubious fraudulent activities.

There are no cancellation fees levied by this credit card processing company.

Unlike the above-mentioned credit card processing companies, CreditcardProccessing is not as clear with respect to its pricing structure. This is because prices vary depending on the equipment used for processing the payment.