4 affordable options for term life insurance

4 affordable options for term life insurance

Term life insurance is usually the most popular option when individuals purchase policies. It is basically a type of life insurance that is fixed for a certain period, as chosen by the individual. If the policyholder dies before the term expires, his/her beneficiary is eligible to receive the insurance money (tax-free) for funeral and other expenses.

The main reasons why individuals opt for term life insurance is because it is very transparent and affordable. It is straightforward, especially for a buyer with a non-financial background. A monthly or annual premium may be paid to the insurance company to maintain the term life insurance.

Before you invest in any policy, get cheap term life insurance quotes from different insurance providers and do a comparative study. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the four top-rated low-cost term life insurance policies which may be purchased online:

Haven Life
Haven Life is touted to be one of the most sought-after term insurance companies with respect to quoting and purchasing of life insurance through an online portal. The coverages go up to $2 million and you are eligible for it without any medical exam. Also, since you don’t have to shell out extra money to agents, the cost of purchasing their insurance is minimal.

Banner Life Insurance
Banner Life Insurance follows standard pricing with respect to life insurance quotes. Their rates differ depending on the health conditions of the prospective customer. The rates provided by them are excellent and affordable. In fact, they are quite flexible with their age bar limit as individuals between 60 and 80 years may also purchase life insurance.

American National
With some of the best ratings in the industry, American National is also known for providing the best customer service and paybacks. Since they have been rated the best by customers, American National has a good reputation in the market. In fact, individuals with a health condition should especially look for quotes on term life insurance from American National.

SBLI also provides some of the most affordable term life insurance plans. Their plans are available for affordable premiums ranging from $400 to $500. In fact, if the individual is below 35 years, the annual premium is approximately $223, which converts to $18.58 in a month only. These numbers have managed to bring them a long list of customers who are happy with their rates. Apart from enjoying the affordable premiums, you also have the option to convert the term policy to a permanent policy.