3 Ways to Find Free Cell Phone Deals for Seniors

3 Ways to Find Free Cell Phone Deals for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen, you may be glad to know that you can save money with the free cell phone deals. Not every senior qualifies for a free cell phone, however, even if you do not qualify for such services, here are some ways to reduce your expenses.

Lifeline program
This program is an excellent way for eligible seniors to procure free services and free cell phones. It is funded by the federal government and offers eligible participants a free monthly service and handset. It includes talk time, text and picture messages, and data. This program has been available since the 1980s and its primary objective is to make telecom services available to all citizens.

If you are below the poverty guidelines as laid down by the federal authorities or if you are already participating in another government program, you are eligible for receiving free cell phones for seniors under this program.

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)
MVNOs rely on the network carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to deliver services to its users. However, these services are available at relatively affordable costs. These are a good option if you do not require the latest handsets or expensive data, talk time, and text plans.

In most instances, the free cell phones are refurbished that make these inexpensive. If you already own a handset you may check with the service provider if the phone may be used with any plan.

When you use the services of MVNOs, you do not have to sign any long-term contract. Moreover, you are able to use the services from one of the reputed carriers at affordable costs. However, unless you choose the unlimited plan, you need to keep track on your usage to ensure you stay within the available limits.

Senior-specific plans
Generally, seniors have lesser usage of their cell phones when compared to the younger users. Several carriers offer specific plans that are oriented for seniors. Some of these include plans offered by Great Call, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

It is recommended you check out for a specific free cell phone for seniors’ deals and plans while researching mobile service providers. This may enable you to find a plan that best suits your personal requirements and specific usage.

Some carriers may offer free cell phone deals if you switch to their network from your existing service provider. It is advisable to check this option to reduce your expenses.